Nomination Procedure

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To nominate your favorite article(s) for the first voting round of the Amedeo Prize 2008, please use the link we sent you in a previous mail. If you have not received the message, please request access to the nomination page.

All first authors of medical articles a) published in 2007 and b) listed in PubMed are eligible for the Amedeo Prize 2008.

The nomination procedure is a simple three-step process. After opening your nomination page,

  1. please submit the PMID  of an article. Within seconds...

    **What is a PMID?**

  1. ...Amedeo shows you the bibliographic details.

    Please select a medical category...

  1. ...and click the Nominate button.

    Author and article are nominated for the Amedeo Prize 2008.


Thank you for your contribution.

Bernd Sebastian Kamps
Amedeo, Founder and President