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Amedeo Prize 2008

Third and Final Voting Round
June 9 - 20

Votes: 589 - Points: 3896

Data grouped by
Country of origin of the voters

  Contributions (Euro)

5,000 Patricia Bourcillier (PC)
3,000 Bernd Sebastian Kamps
5,000 Pfizer
5,000 Boehringer-Ingelheim
1,000 Torsten Hoof (PC)
1,000 Caruso Family (PC)
1,000 Josiane and Gérard Canu (PC)
1,000 Jürgen Bufler (PC)
PC = Private Contribution

1. United States

1.Baker, Jennifer L51
2.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium48
3.Taubenberger, Jeffery K39
4.Takahashi K39
5.Zhang, David D35
6.Reddy, Madhuri30
7.Dworkin, Robert H30
8.Menzies, Dick29
9.Dubois, Bruno26
10.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K26
11.Yu J25
12.Amanna, Ian J20
13.Vernooij, Meike W19
14.Schmidt, Barbara17
15.Miller, Steven P15
16.Critchley, Duncan J15
17.Jass, J R11
18.Embriaco, Nathalie10
19.Annane, Djillali9
20.Calverley, Peter M A8
21.Fernandez, Javier4

2. Italy

1.Baker, Jennifer L30
2.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium27
3.Reddy, Madhuri26
4.Jass, J R26
5.Takahashi K25
6.Zhang, David D24
7.Yu J23
8.Vernooij, Meike W22
9.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K22
10.Dubois, Bruno21
11.Dworkin, Robert H19
12.Amanna, Ian J18
13.Taubenberger, Jeffery K14
14.Embriaco, Nathalie14
15.Menzies, Dick13
16.Annane, Djillali12
17.Calverley, Peter M A12
18.Fernandez, Javier8
19.Miller, Steven P6
20.Schmidt, Barbara5
21.Critchley, Duncan J2

3. Spain

1.Fernandez, Javier67
2.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium38
3.Zhang, David D34
4.Jass, J R28
5.Dubois, Bruno26
6.Amanna, Ian J23
7.Annane, Djillali21
8.Menzies, Dick20
9.Baker, Jennifer L15
10.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K15
11.Takahashi K14
12.Reddy, Madhuri13
13.Dworkin, Robert H12
14.Vernooij, Meike W12
15.Yu J11
16.Calverley, Peter M A11
17.Embriaco, Nathalie10
18.Miller, Steven P8
19.Critchley, Duncan J5
20.Taubenberger, Jeffery K3
21.Schmidt, Barbara1

4. Germany

1.Menzies, Dick25
2.Takahashi K18
3.Taubenberger, Jeffery K17
4.Reddy, Madhuri16
5.Zhang, David D15
6.Yu J15
7.Vernooij, Meike W14
8.Dworkin, Robert H10
9.Amanna, Ian J10
10.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium10
11.Jass, J R10
12.Critchley, Duncan J8
13.Calverley, Peter M A8
14.Embriaco, Nathalie8
15.Miller, Steven P6
16.Dubois, Bruno5
17.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K4
18.Annane, Djillali4
19.Schmidt, Barbara3
20.Baker, Jennifer L3
21.Fernandez, Javier1

5. France

1.Dubois, Bruno21
2.Taubenberger, Jeffery K15
3.Menzies, Dick14
4.Annane, Djillali14
5.Reddy, Madhuri13
6.Zhang, David D13
7.Amanna, Ian J11
8.Vernooij, Meike W11
9.Dworkin, Robert H10
10.Baker, Jennifer L10
11.Embriaco, Nathalie9
12.Yu J9
13.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K7
14.Schmidt, Barbara7
15.Jass, J R7
16.Fernandez, Javier6
17.Takahashi K5
18.Calverley, Peter M A4
19.Miller, Steven P3
20.Critchley, Duncan J3
21.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium2

6. Brazil

1.Yu J16
2.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium14
3.Baker, Jennifer L12
4.Zhang, David D12
5.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K12
6.Vernooij, Meike W11
7.Takahashi K10
8.Miller, Steven P10
9.Menzies, Dick9
10.Dubois, Bruno9
11.Amanna, Ian J7
12.Reddy, Madhuri7
13.Embriaco, Nathalie6
14.Fernandez, Javier5
15.Jass, J R4
16.Dworkin, Robert H4
17.Critchley, Duncan J4
18.Annane, Djillali3
19.Schmidt, Barbara2
20.Calverley, Peter M A1
21.Taubenberger, Jeffery K1

7. United Kingdom

1.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium24
2.Baker, Jennifer L17
3.Reddy, Madhuri16
4.Jass, J R16
5.Calverley, Peter M A9
6.Zhang, David D8
7.Miller, Steven P7
8.Critchley, Duncan J7
9.Dubois, Bruno7
10.Schmidt, Barbara6
11.Annane, Djillali6
12.Takahashi K5
13.Amanna, Ian J4
14.Dworkin, Robert H4
15.Vernooij, Meike W4
16.Menzies, Dick4
17.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K2
18.Taubenberger, Jeffery K1
19.Yu J1

8. Argentina

1.Baker, Jennifer L23
2.Amanna, Ian J14
3.Embriaco, Nathalie10
4.Vernooij, Meike W8
5.Takahashi K8
6.Yu J5
7.Miller, Steven P4
8.Dubois, Bruno4
9.Fernandez, Javier4
10.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K4
11.Reddy, Madhuri4
12.Schmidt, Barbara4
13.Jass, J R3
14.Zhang, David D2
15.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium2
16.Taubenberger, Jeffery K2
17.Dworkin, Robert H2
18.Annane, Djillali2

9. Turkey

1.Zhang, David D11
2.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium11
3.Takahashi K10
4.Menzies, Dick9
5.Annane, Djillali8
6.Baker, Jennifer L8
7.Dworkin, Robert H8
8.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K7
9.Yu J7
10.Reddy, Madhuri7
11.Fernandez, Javier6
12.Miller, Steven P6
13.Vernooij, Meike W5
14.Taubenberger, Jeffery K4
15.Embriaco, Nathalie2
16.Schmidt, Barbara2
17.Calverley, Peter M A1

10. Romania

1.Takahashi K21
2.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium21
3.Baker, Jennifer L9
4.Yu J8
5.Fernandez, Javier6
6.Jass, J R6
7.Amanna, Ian J4
8.Dubois, Bruno4
9.Zhang, David D4
10.Schmidt, Barbara4
11.Dworkin, Robert H3
12.Menzies, Dick3
13.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K2
14.Calverley, Peter M A2
15.Annane, Djillali2
16.Miller, Steven P2
17.Vernooij, Meike W2
18.Taubenberger, Jeffery K1

Countries Group A (1-10)

1.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium197
2.Baker, Jennifer L178
3.Zhang, David D158
4.Takahashi K155
5.Reddy, Madhuri132
6.Menzies, Dick126
7.Dubois, Bruno123
8.Yu J120
9.Amanna, Ian J111
10.Jass, J R111
11.Vernooij, Meike W108
12.Fernandez, Javier107
13.Dworkin, Robert H102
14.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K101
15.Taubenberger, Jeffery K97
16.Annane, Djillali81
17.Embriaco, Nathalie69
18.Miller, Steven P67
19.Calverley, Peter M A56
20.Schmidt, Barbara51
21.Critchley, Duncan J44

Countries Group B-D (11-81)

1.Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium162
2.Takahashi K127
3.Yu J125
4.Baker, Jennifer L113
5.Amanna, Ian J92
6.Dubois, Bruno90
7.Menzies, Dick89
8.Zhang, David D83
9.Annane, Djillali74
10.Vernooij, Meike W66
11.Nissen, Steven E / Wolski K65
12.Miller, Steven P62
13.Taubenberger, Jeffery K59
14.Reddy, Madhuri58
15.Dworkin, Robert H58
16.Jass, J R57
17.Critchley, Duncan J54
18.Schmidt, Barbara48
19.Fernandez, Javier46
20.Embriaco, Nathalie39
21.Calverley, Peter M A35




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