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The Prize - Summary of the Rules

The winners of the Amedeo Prize are selected in a four-step process: one nomination phase and three voting rounds. Participation in the selection is by invitation only.

Nominators And Voters

Nomination and voting rights have been extended to more than 70,000 people who

  1. subscribed to Amedeo (www.Amedeo.com) between 1998 and 2002 or who
  2. subscribed between 2003 and 2006 and specified their professional category as "Medical/Clinical", "Healthcare non-clinical", or "Student".

If, according to these criteria, you are eligible to participate in the selection process of the "Medical Author of 2007" but have not received an invitation, please request access to the nomination and voting procedure http://www.Amedeo.com/user/apinfo.php.


The nomination period lasts from December 1st until January 31st. Each nominator nominates up to 7 articles and their corresponding first authors (see example page). The articles must have been published in 2007 (as defined in PubMed; example from 2005: J Antimicrob Chemother. 2005 Oct;56(4):615-8.) and need to be listed in PubMed.

No Amedeo subscriber may nominate articles he himself has published or co-published.

Voting Rounds

All nominated articles enter the first voting round from February 8th to March 15th. Each voter gets three votes, worth four points, two points and one point. The authors and their articles are then ordered based on the total number of points. Voting for the Amedeo Prize is secret.

Based on the number of articles nominated this year (n=1473), the 154 articles which score the highest number of points (minimum: 5 points) will be promoted to the second voting round (this number is calculated by the formula VR2=(N/√N)*4,where N is the number of nominations; see Appendix, Table 1).

The second voting round in April selects the Top 20 articles which are promoted to the third and final voting round in June.

The results of the three voting rounds are announced within days of the closure of the polls (see Timetable). However, to avoid that the outcome of previous polls influences pending polls, the results of the promoted authors are held in strict confidence until the announcement of the winners on July 4th.

Amedeo Prize Amount

The Amedeo Prize for 2008 was made available by Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Patricia Bourcillier and is currently set at 15,000 Euro. This amount is expected to increase by donations from private and institutional sponsors.

The winner of the Amedeo Prize is the first author of the article with the highest number of points in the final voting round. He receives a bonus of 30% of the prize money. The remaining 70% is divided among the first authors of the three articles with the highest number of points; the amount is distributed proportionally according to the number of points accumulated during the final voting round. For example: if the three most popular websites, as determined by a vote during the 3rd quarter of 2006 (see http://www.gl4d.com/med200609.php), were to share a prize of 10,000 Euro, the award money would be divided as follows:

Announcement of the Winners

The public announcement of the Amedeo Laureates will be made on July 4th at 8 p.m. CEST. Immediately before, Bernd Sebastian Kamps will call the Amedeo Laureate to inform him that the Amedeo Community has awarded him the Amedeo Prize and to invite him to receive his prize at the Annual Amedeo Prize Award Ceremony in late November.

An important part of the ceremony are the public Laureate Lectures one day before the official prize award. Winners, who for imperative reasons are unable to attend the ceremony, will be re-invited to receive the award at one of the following two Award Ceremonies.

A winner may not wish to accept the prize. The fact that a winner declines the distinction does not in the least modify the validity of the award. Under these circumstances the Amedeo Advisory Board will state that the presentation of the prize cannot take place and will allocate the corresponding prize money to the awards of the subsequent years.