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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is eligible to be nominated for the Amedeo Prize?

    All first authors of articles published during the previous year and listed in PubMed are potential candidates for the Amedeo Prize 2008.

  2. Can I nominate someone for the Amedeo Prize?

    To nominate a candidate, you need an invitation from Bernd Sebastian Kamps. If you don't receive the invitation, open www.amedeo.com/user/apinfo.php and check if you are able to request access to the nomination page. For the Amedeo Prize 2008, the nomination and voting rights are extended to more than 70,000 people who subscribed to the Amedeo Literature Service between 1997 and 2006.

  3. How many articles can I nominate?

    One article, two articles, three articles, just as you like. But not more than 7.

  4. Has X been nominated as a candidate for the Amedeo Prize?

    Information about the nominations will be available in January.

  5. I appear on the nomination page as "Nominator", but my data are not correct. How can I change them?

    Open your personal nomination page and nominate another article. On the second screen, you may change your personal data. See also the nomination procedure.

  6. Will the name of the nominators appear on the nomination lists?

    That depends entirely on the nominator. During the nomination process they may choose to remain anonymous or to make their nomination public (see example).

  7. How are the Amedeo Laureates selected?

    The winners of the 2008 Amedeo Prize are selected in a four-step process: one nomination phase and three voting rounds. For details, please check the Summary of the Rules and the Timetable. The Press Release section also contains interesting information.

  8. Why does the nomination and voting process take 7 months?

    The physicians and researchers who subscribe to Amedeo are busy people. You can't ask them the favor of participating in nominations and polls every few weeks.

  9. How is the prize money distributed?

    The winner of the Amedeo Prize is the first author of the article with the highest number of points in the final voting round in June. He receives a bonus of 30% of the prize money. The remaining 70% is divided among the first authors of the three articles with the highest number of points and will be distributed according to the number of points they accumulated during the final voting round.

    Example: If the three most popular websites, as determined by a vote during the 3rd quarter of 2006 (see http://www.gl4d.com/med200609.php), were to share a prize of 10,000 Euro, the award money would be divided as follows: