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Amedeo Prize

Press Release 2007/11/22

- For immediate release -

Election of the "Medical Author 2008"

On December 1st, the Medical Literature Service Amedeo (www.Amedeo.com) will launch the Amedeo Prize (www.amedeoprize.com), which aims at honoring men and women from all over the world for outstanding publications in medicine. The prize of up to 10,000 Euro is for the first authors of the three most popular medical articles published in 2007.

The winner of the 2008 Amedeo Prize will be selected in a four-step process (one nomination phase and three voting rounds in February/March, April and June) by a democratic vote of several thousand medical professionals who are subscribers to the Amedeo service. "As these persons represent a fine selection of physicians and researchers in medical science, there is no doubt they will select the best achievements in medicine", says Amedeo founder Bernd Sebastian Kamps who created the award with his wife Patricia Bourcillier.

The "Medical Author of the Year 2008" will be announced on July 4th, 2008. The total prize amount is expected to increase by donations from private and institutional sponsors.

The Amedeo Prize is a non-profit initiative. All contributions from donations and institutional sponsors will be entirely (100%) distributed among the prize winners. The Amedeo Team (www.Amedeo.com) will charge no fee for the administration of the Amedeo Prize.

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Amedeo is a medical literature guide that provides its subscribers with weekly newsletters about new scientific publications (see example). Due to the very content of its newsletters - interminable "Authors, Titles, Journals, Years of Publication, Volumes, Pages" - Amedeo subscribers are typically clinicians and researchers working at the frontline of medicine. In November 2007, Amedeo covered 100 topics, served more than 120,000 subscriptions and was among the most popular medical websites worldwide (see http://www.gl4d.com). It is a free service due to unrestricted educational grants from numerous pharmaceutical companies.

Bernd Sebastian Kamps

Bernd Sebastian Kamps (www.bsk1.com) is the Director of Amedeo and the founder of Flying Publisher. He is editor of Influenza Report 2006 (www.InfluenzaReport.com) and HIV Medicine 2006 (www.HIVMedicine.com). In 2005, Bernd Sebastian Kamps published the best reader Free Medical Information: Doctor=Publisher (www.FreeMedicalInformation.com); in 2006, he launched the Amedeo Textbook Awards (www.AmedeoChallenge.org); in 2007, he created the Amedeo Prize (www.amedeoprize.com).

Patricia Bourcillier

Patricia Bourcillier (www.Bourcillier.com) is a writer who lives in Paris and Sardinia. She is co-sponsor of the Amedeo Prize. In the past, she sponsored various Amedeo Challenge Awards (Tuberculosis, Hepatitis; see www.BourcillierKamps.com).




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